Belltower for Spurcycle Bells

Belltower for Spurcycle Bells

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The Sound of Angels- Now at Your Fingertips

Spurcycle's Bell is nothing short of amazing.  Made in the USA of brass and stainless steel, it has a tone that sets it apart from lesser bells- both loud and pleasant, friendly and firm.

But, given the bulk of many brake and shift lever clamps, it can be difficult to find an accessible bar position for the Bell.

That's why we created the Belltower.  Built to give your bell a boost, it allows standard Spurcycle Bell domes to clear other handlebar clamps, allowing for easy access without interfering with brake levers, dropper remotes or shift levers.

As a niche product, the Belltower is built to order by Shapeways on Long Island, New York, from a strong and flexible plastic material and dyed in your choice of eight colors.


The Belltower is compatible with:

  • Spurcycle bells
  • 22mm Handlebars
  • Brake levers and handlebar accessories up to 9.75mm thick
    • Shimano I-Spec II brake levers
    • Shimano I-Spec A and B brake levers
    • Others as measured.
Brake Lever Identification
  • BikeRadar's David Rome an excellent I-Spec primer here.


  1. Loosen mounting bolt at top of Bell
  2. Remove strap from T-slot and bell from handlebar
  3. Install Belltower between rubber feet in base of bell as shown
    • Older Spurcycle Bells have slightly larger feet and will be a tighter fit. Newer Bell feet fit snugly but not tightly over the Belltower.
    • Take care to ensure that the central Bell bolt is visible through the Belltower hole.
  4. Optional: For the most mounting flexibility, use a sharp blade and a good deal of care to trim the rubber feet to the width of the Belltower.
  5. Reinstall Bell to bar normally.

The Belltower is available directly from Shapeways.